Rashida Jones stars in the new series “Sunny” as Suzie, a woman dealing with the aftermath of a plane crash that leads to the disappearance of her husband and son. She forms an unlikely sisterhood with an eager bartender, a contentious mother-in-law, and a domestic robot named Sunny. Jones shared that Suzie’s character is resistant to forming relationships but is forced to connect with those around her, including her mother-in-law, due to their shared love for Masa.

In real life, Jones emphasized the importance of female friendships and the support she receives from her sisters and close female friends. She credits her sisters and the women in her life for being critical to her well-being. Jones, who comes from a family of strong female figures like her late mother Peggy Lipton and sisters Kidada Jones and Kenya Kinski-Jones, values the community she has built over the years.

The series creator, Katie Robbins, highlighted the significance of female relationships in the show and how they help Suzie come out of her isolated shell. Sunny the robot was intentionally changed to a female character to enhance the dynamics of the sisterhood theme in the series. Jones, known for her comedic roles in shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, embraced the opportunity to portray a character like Suzie, who is both likable and edgy.

Director Lucy Tcherniak praised Jones for bringing depth to Suzie’s character, which required a balance of comedy and emotional depth. Jones appreciated the challenge of working with a robot co-star, mentioning the technical aspects involved in bringing Sunny to life through actress Joanna Sotomura’s voice and expressions. Despite the difficulties, Jones found moments of connection with the robot character, showcasing the complexities of their on-screen relationship.

While there is no confirmation of a second season for “Sunny” yet, Jones expressed her gratitude for the friendships and community formed during the production. She emphasized the importance of these relationships in both the show and real life, highlighting the necessity of female companionship and support. “Sunny” premieres on Apple TV+ on July 10, offering viewers a unique blend of dark comedy and heartfelt connections between the characters.