Ice Spice was faced with a crowd of Taylor Swift critics during her performance at the Rolling Loud Europe Festival in Austria. The audience began to boo when the speakers played “Karma,” the song on which Ice Spice collaborated with Swift. Despite the negative reaction, Ice Spice responded by blowing kisses to the crowd, showing that she wasn’t fazed by the criticism.

Many fans took to social media to defend Ice Spice and Taylor Swift, criticizing the booing audience members for their behavior. One fan tweeted, “Imagine going to an Ice Spice set then booing Taylor Swift when their collab plays. What losers,” while another called Ice Spice “an absolute queen” for her response to the haters.

Ice Spice and Taylor Swift’s collaboration on “Karma” was a natural fit, with Swift expressing her admiration for Ice Spice’s work. The pair connected through mutual respect and a shared love for music, leading to the successful remix of the song.

In a recent interview, Ice Spice hinted at a “crazy collaboration” on her upcoming album, teasing fans with the promise of multiple guest appearances. While she remained tight-lipped about the specifics, she mentioned that there would be more than one collaboration to look forward to.

As Ice Spice prepares to embark on her Y2K World Tour, fans are eager to see if any special guests will join her on stage. Although she didn’t confirm any names, she mentioned that both Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj would be welcome additions if their schedules allowed.

Overall, Ice Spice’s response to the Taylor Swift critics at the Rolling Loud Europe Festival showcased her professionalism and unwavering support for her friend. Despite the negative reaction from some audience members, Ice Spice remained focused on delivering a memorable performance and connecting with her fans.