Hayes Costner recently made his acting debut in the film “Horizon” and he couldn’t stop raving about his dad, Kevin Costner. Hayes expressed his admiration and gratitude towards his father, who is a renowned actor in the industry. This heartwarming moment between father and son was captured in an exclusive interview.

In the interview, Hayes shared how much he looks up to his dad and how grateful he is for the support and guidance he has received throughout his acting journey. He spoke highly of Kevin’s talent and work ethic, emphasizing how much he has learned from him.

Hayes also mentioned how proud he was to be following in his father’s footsteps and how much he values the opportunity to work alongside him. The bond between Hayes and Kevin was evident as they shared this special moment together.

In addition to Hayes’ admiration for his father, the interview also highlighted some insights into Kevin Costner’s own experiences in the entertainment industry. Kevin shared how he relates to certain aspects of the “Bachelor” franchise, providing fans with a glimpse into his personal life and interests.

Overall, this exclusive interview captured a touching father-son moment and shed light on the close relationship between Hayes and Kevin Costner. It’s heartwarming to see a young actor like Hayes express his gratitude and admiration for his father, who has been a source of inspiration and support throughout his career. The Costner family’s bond is truly something special and it’s wonderful to see them share this moment with the world.