Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a former felon turned social media star, announced her pregnancy with her former fiance Ken Urker in a YouTube video on July 9, 2024. The couple had previously been engaged in 2019 but called it off in August of the same year. Gypsy expressed her excitement about this unexpected pregnancy and shared that they were looking forward to the new journey of parenthood.

Gypsy’s romantic history includes her past relationship with Ryan Scott Anderson, whom she married in 2022 but separated from just three months after her release from prison. Despite their separation, Gypsy Rose and Ryan did not file for divorce and ultimately decided to stay together. The couple faced challenges in their marriage, but Gypsy Rose acknowledged Ryan’s compassion and patience, describing him as her emotional support.

Before her relationship with Ken, Gypsy Rose was involved with Nicholas Godejohn, who killed her mother in 2015. Godejohn expressed guilt over the murder and claimed that he carried out the act out of love for Gypsy Rose.

Gypsy Rose was released from prison in December 2023 and was seen leaving with Ryan on the day of her release. Despite their separation and reconciliation, Gypsy Rose and Ryan faced difficulties as they navigated their marriage.

Gypsy Rose’s journey through various relationships highlights the complexities and challenges she has faced in her personal life. Her experiences with love, loss, and new beginnings have shaped her perspective on relationships and her path to motherhood. As she embarks on this new chapter with Ken Urker, Gypsy Rose looks forward to the future with hope and excitement.