Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently announced that she is expecting her first child with her partner Ken Urker. The 32-year-old shared the news in a video on her Youtube Channel, expressing her excitement about becoming a parent in January 2025. This unexpected pregnancy comes after a rocky relationship with her previous partner Ryan Anderson, which ended during her docuseries Gypsy Rose Life After Lockup.

Gypsy and Ken, who were engaged in the past before calling it off, reconnected in April of this year following her release from prison in December 2023. In a previous interview, Gypsy mentioned that Ken was her first mature love based on a genuine connection between them. The couple’s relationship seems to have blossomed, leading to this new chapter of parenthood.

Fans had speculated about Gypsy’s pregnancy after Ryan shared a photo on Instagram with his hand on her stomach. However, Gypsy clarified in her announcement video that the baby is with Ken, not Ryan. She expressed her desire to be a good mother and provide the love and care that she missed out on growing up.

Despite her complicated past, Gypsy is looking forward to embracing motherhood and starting a new chapter in her life. She acknowledged that there will be critics who doubt her readiness for motherhood, but she is determined to be the best parent she can be. This pregnancy marks a new beginning for Gypsy, who has been through significant challenges in the past.

As Gypsy prepares for the arrival of her child, she reflects on the difficulties she may face in the future, including explaining her family history to her children. Her journey to motherhood is filled with hope and determination to break the cycle of dysfunction that plagued her upbringing. Gypsy’s resilience and strength shine through as she looks ahead to the future with optimism and a commitment to being a loving and caring mother to her child.