Glen Powell recently made waves on social media by sharing a steamy shirtless photo of himself posing with his rescue dog, Brisket. The actor, known for his role in ‘Twisters,’ posted the picture on Instagram ahead of the film’s release, causing fans to swoon over the adorable duo.

In the photo, Powell can be seen holding Brisket, who has become a beloved member of the ‘Twisters’ cast. The actor adopted Brisket from the Labelle Foundation in 2023 and has since shared how the pup has enriched his life, especially during long days on set. Powell mentioned that Brisket has traveled with him to various locations and has been well taken care of by the cast and crew.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the heartwarming photo, with many expressing their admiration for Powell and his furry companion. Comments flooded in, praising the actor for his bond with Brisket and his dedication to being a dog dad.

Aside from his adorable photo with Brisket, Powell also opened up about his personal life, revealing that he recently went through a breakup with his longtime girlfriend. Despite the challenges of being single, Powell remains optimistic about finding love in the future. He shared that he looks up to his parents’ long-lasting relationship and hopes to find a similar connection one day.

While adjusting to life as a single guy, Powell continues to focus on his career and his passion for acting. He recently starred in ‘Twisters’ and has been keeping busy with various projects in the entertainment industry. Powell’s dedication to his craft and his love for his furry friend, Brisket, have endeared him to fans and followers alike.

As Powell navigates the ups and downs of life in the spotlight, one thing is clear – his bond with Brisket remains a source of joy and comfort, both on and off the set. Fans can look forward to seeing more heartwarming moments shared between Powell and his beloved dog as they continue to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.