Glastonbury fans are buzzing with excitement as rumors swirl about Fred Again potentially performing a secret set at the festival. The speculation started when several fans claimed to have seen the DJ at Bristol Airport on Thursday. While Fred had previously stated that Reading/Leeds was his only festival appearance this year, fans are hopeful that he might surprise them with a secret set at Glastonbury.

Taking to Reddit, fans shared their theories and sightings of Fred at the airport, fueling the anticipation for his possible performance. Many fans pointed out that Fred has a close connection to the festival, especially with Kieran, who has become a staple house DJ at Glastonbury. With approximately 28 mystery acts yet to be confirmed for the festival, the possibility of Fred making an appearance seems promising.

At last year’s festival, Fred Again captivated the audience with a dynamic performance that showcased his biggest hits and new material. His ability to engage the crowd with iconic tracks like Jungle and Danielle left a lasting impression on festival-goers. Fred’s popularity has continued to rise, with Gen Z voting him as the best DJ of all time in a recent poll.

Before his solo success, Fred worked as a producer for notable UK grime artists, solidifying his reputation in the music industry. His collaboration with Skrillex and Fourtet gained him widespread recognition, leading to a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Despite his growing success, Fred remains focused on creating music that resonates with his audience, prioritizing artistic fulfillment over accolades.

As fans eagerly await confirmation of Fred’s secret set at Glastonbury, the anticipation continues to build. His potential appearance at the festival would undoubtedly be a highlight for attendees, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the already stellar lineup of performers. Stay tuned for more updates as the mystery surrounding Fred Again’s Glastonbury performance unfolds.