Hollywood actor Gerard Butler, 54, was recently seen spending time with 29-year-old model Penny Lane in London. The two were spotted in Primrose Hill, where they appeared to be enjoying each other’s company. Despite their age gap, the couple looked happy and relaxed as they walked through the streets of London.

Gerard, known for his action hero roles, seemed to be in a different light as he smiled and allowed Penny to massage his shoulders in public. Penny, a Sports Illustrated star and native of Cheshire, seemed to be smitten with the actor as she giggled and playfully interacted with him during their outing. She wore a casual outfit consisting of black leggings, a leather jacket, and a hooded top, while Gerard opted for a khaki suit and a flat cap.

The pair showed off their close bond by wearing matching adidas trainers and enjoying some drinks at a local pub. Penny, who was named Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year in 2024, has been making a name for herself in the modeling world. Gerard, on the other hand, has had a number of high-profile relationships in the past, including with Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, and Naomi Campbell.

Despite his previous romances, Gerard seemed to be enjoying his time with Penny as they laughed and chatted during their walk. Penny’s Instagram account is filled with stunning modeling shots, showcasing her talent and beauty. Gerard, who rose to fame with his role in the movie “300,” has been busy with his acting career and is set to star in a new crime mystery film alongside Al Pacino, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa.

Overall, the sighting of Gerard Butler and Penny Lane together in London has sparked interest and curiosity among fans and onlookers. The couple’s age difference doesn’t seem to be a factor in their relationship, as they appeared happy and comfortable in each other’s presence. It remains to be seen whether their romance will continue to blossom in the future, but for now, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company in the bustling streets of London.