Today on General Hospital, there were several intense encounters and shocking revelations. Jason Morgan kept a close eye on Valentin Cassadine’s house, leading to a series of events involving Anna Devane and Valentin. Anna discovered a satellite phone in Valentin’s possession, which could have major implications for their futures.

Meanwhile, at Pentonville, Carly Spencer sought help from Jack Brennan, who revealed some troubling news about the FBI’s plans for Jason. Carly was left feeling uncertain about the future and the safety of her loved ones.

In another part of Port Charles, tensions ran high between Sonny Corinthos and Ava Jerome. Sonny made it clear that Ava needed to leave his penthouse immediately, causing Ava to reflect on the troubled history between their families.

As the day unfolded, more drama unfolded at General Hospital, with Elizabeth Baldwin expressing her support for Jason and Anna teaming up with him to uncover Valentin’s secrets. The stage is set for even more chaos and revelations in the days to come.

Overall, today’s episode of General Hospital was filled with suspense, drama, and unexpected twists. Fans can expect more excitement and intrigue in the episodes ahead as the storylines continue to unfold. Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on General Hospital.