Gavin Plumb has been found guilty of planning to kidnap, rape, and murder Holly Willoughby. The jury at Chelmsford Crown Court convicted him, and he will remain in custody until his sentencing next Friday. Plumb, a 37-year-old security guard from Harlow, Essex, denied soliciting murder, inciting kidnap, and inciting rape. He allegedly developed an obsession with Holly Willoughby and encouraged others online to carry out his plans with him.

During the trial, it was revealed that Plumb, using the online username “Big Bear,” went to great lengths to convince others that his plans were not fantasy. He allegedly communicated with an undercover officer from Minnesota, whom he believed to be a man named David Nelson. Plumb shared details of an alleged “abduction kit” that included metal cable ties and handcuffs. His barrister argued that he had fallen into a dark online world of fantasy where he found gratification.

Despite the disturbing nature of his messages, Plumb’s defense claimed that he had no means or intention to carry out the acts he discussed. The prosecution painted a picture of a man intent on making his fantasies a reality, while the defense argued that it was all a dark and twisted fantasy with no real intention of harm.

Holly Willoughby, who left This Morning last year, was the target of Plumb’s alleged plot. The court heard that he discussed ambushing her at her family home and even considered taking time off work to work on his plan. Plumb’s messages were described as vile and misogynistic, but his defense maintained that they were simply part of a disturbing fantasy world he had fallen into.

The jury deliberated on the case, weighing the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense. Despite the chilling nature of the allegations, Plumb’s defense argued that he never had any real intention of harming Holly Willoughby. The case sheds light on the dangers of online fantasy worlds and the impact they can have on individuals who get caught up in them.

As the sentencing hearing approaches, the full extent of Plumb’s involvement in the plot will be revealed. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of distinguishing between fantasy and reality, especially in the age of online communication where lines can easily become blurred. Holly Willoughby’s safety and security remain a top priority as the legal proceedings continue.