The longstanding feud between Noel and Liam Gallagher seems to have escalated once again, as tensions rose during a recent encounter at Glastonbury. Despite coming close to a potential Oasis reunion, the bad blood between the siblings appears to be as strong as ever.

During a backstage gathering at the music festival, Liam’s eldest son Lennon gave Uncle Noel the cold shoulder, choosing to keep his distance. An onlooker described how Noel and Lennon were mere yards apart but avoided any interaction, highlighting the ongoing animosity between the family members.

Following the awkward encounter, Noel continued to enjoy his evening, partying until the early hours after watching a performance by Irish band Kneecap. This incident is not the first time family dynamics have played a role in Noel’s social outings, as he previously made a hasty exit from a restaurant when Lennon unexpectedly arrived.

The deep-seated rift between Noel and Liam shows no signs of healing, leaving little hope for a reconciliation in the near future. Despite fans’ hopes for an Oasis reunion, it seems that personal differences may continue to stand in the way of any musical collaboration between the brothers.