In the latest episode of Days of Our Lives, Chanel had to stay at the hospital for observation after a miscarriage scare. Johnny stood up to Paulina to make sure Chanel’s wishes were respected. Meanwhile, EJ worked on securing an immunity deal for Gabi by getting Melinda to hand over a black book that would clear Gabi’s name.

At Statesville, Stefan assured Gabi that she would be released soon, but Gabi was skeptical about EJ’s motives. However, Rafe eventually showed up to confirm that Gabi was indeed free, and she was overcome with gratitude. Stefan then shared a passionate kiss with Gabi, breaking the visitor rules.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Johnny informed EJ about Chanel’s miscarriage, leading to a tense moment between the two. EJ tried to offer sympathy, but Johnny was suspicious of his intentions. However, EJ reassured Johnny that he genuinely cared and the two embraced.

At the hospital, Johnny continued to support Chanel, choosing to stay by her side instead of going to Los Angeles for work. Meanwhile, Eric contemplated leaving Salem after struggling with the revelation that he is not Jude DiMera’s father. Nicole expressed her support for Eric’s decision.

As the episode unfolded, Melinda thanked EJ for the immunity deal, causing tension as she hinted at revealing a secret about Jude’s paternity. EJ scrambled to prevent Melinda from disclosing the truth to Nicole, setting the stage for a dramatic confrontation in the upcoming episodes.

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