It’s the first Friday the 13th of the year! This Friday, January 13, 2023, a Super-Loto is organized with a nice pot at stake. Enough to compete with the traditional Euromillions Friday draw? Here are some key points to know.

The year 2023 only includes two Friday the 13th on its calendar: next October 13 and this Friday January 13, 2023! As usual, Friday the 13th inspires or frightens the superstitious but also allows regular or occasional lottery players to take advantage of great jackpots. La Fran├žaise des Jeux has been organizing special draws for Friday the 13th for many years, in particular for its most famous lottery: the Loto.

This Friday, January 13, 2023, a Super-Loto is thus organized and will offer no less than 16 million euros to whoever finds the five correct numbers and a lucky number. Know that the statistics are formal: there is a one in 19 million chance of winning! The amount of the jackpot for this Friday 13th Super-Loto amounts to 16 million euros, an unusually high sum for a Loto draw. Another particularity of this Super-Loto of the day, a draw will be organized allowing 50 players who have validated a Super-Loto grid to each win 20,000 euros!

If you are even more of a player, lean towards the Euromillions, the European lotto which offers sometimes dizzying jackpots. No particular draw this time but the traditional Friday game, the Euromillions taking place twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. This Friday the 13th is no exception to the rule with 65 million euros for the winner. To receive this sum, it will still be necessary to find the five correct numbers from 1 to 49 but also the two stars of the draw (from 1 to 12). As you have understood, it is up to everyone to make their choice according to their favorite game, but the Loto Super-cagnotte, certainly less high, seems to hold the rope in the minds of many players…