Former child star Benji Gregory, known for his role as Brian Tanner on the hit sitcom Alf, was tragically found dead at the age of 46 in a parking lot outside a Chase Bank in Arizona. The actor’s sister Rebecca shared the heartbreaking news, revealing that Gregory had been battling depression, bipolar disorder, and a sleep disorder.

While the exact cause of his death has not been disclosed, it is suspected that Gregory may have fallen asleep in his car while on a trip to deposit residual checks at the bank and succumbed to heat stroke. His service dog, Hans, who was with him at the time, also passed away.

Rebecca expressed the family’s deep sorrow and requested donations in Benji’s name to The Actors Equity Foundation or ASPCA, causes that were close to his heart. Throughout his career, Gregory appeared in various TV shows and films, but his role as Brian Tanner on Alf remains a fan favorite.

Despite receiving autograph requests and messages from fans around the world, Gregory shifted his focus away from acting after the conclusion of Alf. In 2003, he made a significant career change by enlisting in the United States Navy, where he served until his honorable medical discharge in 2005.

Known for his love of dogs, traveling, late-night runs, music, podcasts, and more, Gregory’s Instagram bio painted a picture of a multifaceted individual. His passing has left a void in the entertainment industry and among his loyal fan base.

As we mourn the loss of Benji Gregory, let us remember the joy and laughter he brought to audiences through his memorable performances on Alf and other projects. May his legacy live on through his work and the impact he had on those who knew and admired him.