Gemma Collins received criticism from fans after sharing photos of her trip on a private jet. The reality star posed in front of the small plane with the captain and crew, dressed in olive green trousers and an off-shoulder top, accessorized with hot pink sliders. She captioned the picture with a message about dreams becoming reality and never stopping dreaming.

While some fans praised her as an inspiration, others called her out for the negative environmental impact of private jets. One commenter pointed out the inconsistency of advocating for animal welfare while using a private jet that harms the environment. Another accused her of contributing to the climate crisis by flying on a private jet unnecessarily.

Gemma has not responded to the criticisms, and it is unclear when she took the private jet. She recently returned from a holiday in Benidorm, where she shared glimpses of her luxurious accommodations and poolside relaxation. Upon her return to the UK, she made sure to vote in the election and urged her followers to do the same.

Dressed in a colorful dress with her hair styled in pigtails, Gemma emphasized the importance of voting and shared her voting experience on social media. Accompanied by her stepson and pet dog, she demonstrated the quick and easy process of casting a vote, encouraging others to participate in the democratic process.

Gemma’s commitment to voting and her advocacy for important causes like animal welfare demonstrate her desire to make a positive impact. While her choice to travel on a private jet may have sparked controversy, her actions show a mix of luxury and social responsibility. As a public figure, Gemma’s decisions are often scrutinized by fans and critics alike, highlighting the challenges of balancing personal choices with public expectations.