Music producer Erwin Bach married Tina Turner in 2013. He donated a kidney to his wife a few years ago.

Tina Turner had a very complicated sentimental life, marked by trials, violence and disappointments. But she had found, it seems, sincere comfort in Erwin Bach. After her disastrous relationship with Ike Turner, from whom she divorced in 1978, Tina Turner met Erwin, the man she lived with until his death. He is 30 years old, she is 46. Between them, it’s “instant love at first sight”, Tina Turner will tell in her memoirs published in 2019.

Erwin Bach is a German businessman, he was born on January 24, 1956 in Cologne, Germany. He has long worked in the music industry as a producer and has held executive positions at several record labels.

Erwin Bach met Tina Turner in 1985 at a party in London. They began dating soon after and were finally married on July 21, 2013 in a private ceremony in Switzerland, where they were then residing.

Erwin Bach has been a constant support for Tina Turner. He was there by her side throughout the end of her career and played a key role in her well-being and recovery, especially during her battle with illness and her kidney transplant in 2017: it was he who donated a kidney to his wife, who was seriously ill at the time.