Eric Kripke Discusses Gen V’s Approach to Addressing Chance Perdomo’s Absence

Gen V executive producer Eric Kripke recently revealed how the upcoming season of the Boys spinoff will handle the absence of Chance Perdomo, who portrayed Andre and tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident in late March 2024.

In a statement released on May 5, the producers of Gen V announced that they would not recast Perdomo’s character but instead rewrite Season 2 storylines to reflect his character’s death. As filming for the new season progresses, Kripke shared that Perdomo’s character will also pass away on screen.

Kripke expressed his condolences to Perdomo’s family and emphasized that the show’s goal is to honor the late actor rather than replace him. At the Gotham TV Awards, Kripke hinted at the intense and exciting developments in store for the show’s sophomore season.

While avoiding spoilers for the upcoming season, Kripke teased that the storyline will tie into the finale of The Boys Season 4, leading directly into Gen V. He also introduced a new character, Cipher, played by Hamish Linklater, who will bring a mysterious and thrilling dynamic to the series.

As fans eagerly anticipate Season 2 of Gen V, Kripke encouraged them to share their hopes and expectations for the upcoming episodes.