Emmerdale star Ash Palmisciano recently shared his thoughts on the groundbreaking storyline involving his character, Matty Barton. The actor discussed the challenges of portraying such a complex role and the importance of representing a trans character on a UK soap.

Matty’s storyline in Emmerdale has been intense, with the character facing difficult situations in prison. Ash expressed his gratitude for being able to tell a story that is often untold and underrepresented in mainstream media. He mentioned the privilege he feels as an actor to be part of a narrative that sheds light on important issues.

The actor also reflected on the emotional toll of filming such intense scenes, mentioning the need to unwind after a long day on set. Ash shared that he enjoys watching light-hearted TV shows like Love Island and Bridgerton to decompress and shift his focus away from the heavy subject matter of the show.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers can expect more twists and turns for Matty as he navigates the challenges of prison life. With tensions rising and danger lurking around every corner, fans will have to wait and see how Matty’s journey unfolds in Emmerdale.

Overall, Ash’s portrayal of Matty Barton serves as a reminder of the importance of diverse representation in media and the power of storytelling in raising awareness about important social issues. Emmerdale continues to push boundaries and explore new territories, making it a must-watch for fans of gripping drama and compelling storytelling.