Emmerdale is filled with drama next week as Rose takes action, a familiar face returns, and Samson makes a big decision. Rose is planning revenge against Kim Tate with Ruby. Rose panics when Ruby pushes her to execute their plan but gets caught by Will. She tries to cover up by kissing Will, but he pulls away. Will tells Kim it’s time for Rose to leave, leading Rose to cause chaos by releasing a horse. She receives a message from a dealer, hinting at a sinister plan to spike Will’s drink. Meanwhile, she is overjoyed to see her grandson discharged from the hospital and Dawn calling her “mum” for the first time. However, her plan goes awry as she loses track of the spiked drink.

In another part of the village, a familiar face, Ella, returns, causing trouble for Liam. Manpreet encourages Liam to rekindle things with Chas, but a mysterious figure is watching him. Mandy finds Ella in the house, and Ella reveals she came back to collect her things. Later, there is a crash involving Ella’s car, leaving her fate uncertain.

Lastly, Samson confesses the truth to the police about Matty’s stabbing, clearing Matty’s name. Despite receiving conflicting advice, Samson chooses to face the consequences of his actions. Will he get in trouble for lying to the police?

Emmerdale fans can expect more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes, airing on ITV at 7:30 pm on weekdays. Stay tuned for more drama in the village.