Emma Watson was recently spotted kissing a mystery man on the street, a year after breaking up with her businessman boyfriend. The Harry Potter actress, 34, seemed to have found love again as she was seen getting cozy with a new man over the weekend. This new man, who had his hand on her cheek as they kissed, made Emma look smitten as she gazed affectionately at him. She wore a loose pale blue shirt, and he matched her outfit, giving them a coordinated look. Emma, who is currently pursuing a part-time Master’s degree at Oxford University, appeared carefree and happy as the term was coming to an end.

According to a source, Emma looked incredibly happy and carefree with her new love interest and they were very close, paying no attention to onlookers. It seems like Emma has another reason to love Oxford apart from her studies. She splits her time between the US and Oxford, attending lectures on-site with her security team accompanying her, while completing the rest of her course online from home. This part-time arrangement fits well with Emma’s busy schedule as a famous actress.

In May, Emma ended her 18-month relationship with Brandon Green, the son of British fashion businessman Sir Phillip Green. The split occurred after Christmas in 2022 following a serious romance where the couple even met each other’s parents and went on holidays together. Before Brandon, Emma was in a relationship with Californian businessman Leo Robinton. Last June, she was seen spending time with American businessman Ryan Walsh in Venice. Emma has had relationships with various individuals, including snack brand founder Ryan Kohn, tech millionaire William ‘Mack’ Knight, and actor Chord Overstreet.

Emma’s past relationships have made her feel cherished and built her up, according to her. Despite the ups and downs of dating in the public eye, she continues to focus on her career and personal growth. The recent sighting of her kissing a mystery man indicates that Emma is moving forward and exploring new romantic possibilities. As a talented actress and dedicated student, Emma Watson’s love life remains a topic of interest for fans and the media alike.