Emma Roberts recently opened up about the disappointing performance of the movie ‘Madame Web’ at the box office. In an interview with Variety, the actress shared her views on the unpredictability of Hollywood and how success in the industry is often a result of luck and timing. She emphasized that no one can accurately predict the fate of a film, as things can either do well or poorly without a clear reason.

Despite the low ratings and poor reception of ‘Madame Web’, Emma Roberts expressed her admiration for the film and the effort she put into it. She mentioned that she was not deterred by failure or negative feedback, and she truly enjoyed working on the project. Roberts praised the director, S.J. Clarkson, for her exceptional work on the movie and explained that Clarkson was the reason she decided to take on the role.

Regarding the lackluster response to ‘Madame Web’, Roberts pointed out the influence of internet culture on people’s perceptions of films. She suggested that the movie may have been unfairly targeted or turned into a joke by online platforms, which could have affected its reception. The actress expressed her disappointment with how everything nowadays is subject to ridicule and humor, including her own work.

While Emma Roberts had a positive experience filming ‘Madame Web’, her co-star Dakota Johnson had a different perspective on the project. Johnson admitted that she was not surprised by the movie’s failure and acknowledged that it was a unique experience for her. She mentioned that the film was unlike anything she had done before and that she may not venture into similar projects in the future due to feeling out of place in that genre.

Overall, the insights provided by both Emma Roberts and Dakota Johnson shed light on the challenges and uncertainties faced by actors in the film industry. The actors’ perspectives offer a glimpse into the complex dynamics of Hollywood and the impact of internet culture on the success or failure of movies. Despite the disappointing outcome of ‘Madame Web’, the dedication and passion of the cast and crew involved in the project are evident, showcasing the resilience of artists in the face of adversity.