Former Nickelodeon star Emma Roberts recently spoke out about the docuseries, “Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV,” which brought to light various allegations and controversies surrounding the network, including producer Dan Schneider. Many child actors, such as Drake Bell, came forward to share their experiences of working with Schneider and other producers, detailing instances of inappropriate behavior, racism, and sexism.

In her interview with Variety, Emma Roberts expressed her shock and sadness after watching the docuseries, as her own experience working on the show “Unfabulous” was positive. She praised her showrunner, Sue Rose, as an amazing woman who provided a safe and supportive work environment. Roberts highlighted the importance of protecting children on sets and emphasized the need for a better work environment for everyone involved in the industry.

The docuseries also shed light on the experiences of other former Nickelodeon stars, such as Ariana Grande, Angelique Bates, and Alexis Nikolas, who echoed the need for a safer environment for child actors. Many of them shared stories of bullying, abuse, and mistreatment during their time working on Nickelodeon shows.

Dan Schneider, the producer at the center of the allegations, has since addressed the claims, admitting to past mistakes and expressing regret for his behavior. He has filed a lawsuit against the production companies behind the docuseries over alleged child sexual assault claims, acknowledging his past actions and vowing to take accountability for them.

Overall, the “Quiet On Set” docuseries has sparked an important conversation about the treatment of child actors in the industry and the need for a safer and more supportive work environment. It has prompted former stars like Emma Roberts to speak out and advocate for better protections for young performers, ensuring that their voices are heard and their experiences are taken seriously.