Ellen DeGeneres, the trailblazing comedian and host, has recently announced her final stand-up special on Netflix. The 66-year-old DeGeneres performed at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, Calif., as part of her Ellen’s Last Stand… Up comedy special, which aims to capture her stand-up tour running from June 19 to Aug. 17. However, during the show, DeGeneres surprised the audience by revealing that she will be retiring from the industry altogether after the special airs on Netflix later this year.

In light of this announcement, DeGeneres canceled four of her tour dates in Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. These cancellations come in the wake of allegations of racism, sexual misconduct, and intimidation behind the scenes of her talk show, which led to the show ending two years ago. DeGeneres addressed these accusations during her set, expressing how the incidents took a toll on her ego and self-esteem.

Despite the abrupt cancellations, DeGeneres is continuing with her other scheduled stops, as seen in her recent Instagram Stories where she shared a video driving to the airport for her upcoming show in Denver. She also announced a ticket giveaway in the post, showing her commitment to her fans.

In her set in Santa Rosa, DeGeneres emphasized that this Netflix special would mark the end of her career in show business. She addressed the accusations of being mean and reflected on the impact they had on her life. DeGeneres also joked about being kicked out of show business for the second time, highlighting the challenges she has faced throughout her career.

DeGeneres initially announced her Ellen’s Last Stand… Up tour on April 3, which she later revealed would be filmed as a Netflix special. She made it clear on May 29 that this tour would be her final one, hinting that she would address the 2020 accusations in the special. Despite the challenges she has faced, DeGeneres remains dedicated to her craft and her fans.

As DeGeneres prepares to bid farewell to show business with her final stand-up special, her legacy as a groundbreaking comedian and host continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Her openness about the difficulties she has faced and her commitment to addressing the controversies surrounding her show demonstrate her resilience and determination to end her career on her own terms. Ellen DeGeneres may be saying “bye-bye” to Hollywood, but her impact on the entertainment industry will endure for years to come.