Contestant Rumored to Have Won Three Elimination Duels in “Win or Serve” Reality Show

The reality show “Win or Serve” on Channel 13 has a delay of over a month. Fabio Agostini’s entry was only aired this Thursday, and his participation in the reality show ended in late April after a heated argument with Argentine Luis Mateucci. This fight should be aired next week.

This significant delay has led to various leaks such as the entry and exit of Pamela Díaz, which has not yet been confirmed by the channel itself; and the elimination of Austin Palao, who is already active on his social media again.

Entertainment portals have been revealing the identities of participants who have supposedly been eliminated from the reality show. The website published a list of people who have allegedly left the show and the people who eliminated them.

The Three-time Champion

What caught the attention of many is that one participant in particular has reportedly won three elimination duels, with the latest one happening a couple of days ago. This participant is Fran Maria, a former member of “Big Brother,” who is rumored to be a three-time champion. This information is also being spread by Toxicochilensis.

The first person who allegedly eliminated Maria is the controversial radio host, Blue Mary, whose exit should be seen soon. The second participant who lost her duel with Francisca is Julia Fernandes, the Brazilian whose entry has not been shown on screen yet, despite her arrival being confirmed.

The third person would be more surprising, with various reports about this event, although the most widespread information is that Fran Maria indeed won in an elimination duel. This person is Faloon Larraguibel, who is rumored to have left the show after losing to the young contestant. On the other hand, the website Mundo Reality claimed it was only a “fire circle,” and Faloon would still be inside.

The other alleged eliminations that have been leaked are Christian Mujica by Fabio Agostini, as revealed by the show itself; Mariela Sotomayor at the hands of Gala Caldirola; Camila Recabarren’s exit after a duel with Daniela Colett; Austin Palao eliminating Raimundo Cerda, and Palao losing in a competition with Facundo González.