Brian Conley, who played Rocky Cotton on EastEnders, recently explained why he decided to leave the show after only a year. Initially, reports suggested that Brian left because the show’s executives prohibited the cast from taking on profitable pantomime roles. However, Brian clarified that his departure was primarily due to feeling restricted during his time on the show. He expressed that he wasn’t allowed to engage in other activities outside of EastEnders, which limited his live performances, musicals, and hosting opportunities.

During an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Brian mentioned that he left because of these restrictions, despite later finding out that exceptions could be made. When asked if his character, Rocky, would return to the show since he was sent to prison, Brian hinted that it was a possibility but quickly shifted the conversation to his upcoming hosting role for the Soap Awards.

Brian’s departure from EastEnders coincided with the show’s milestone 40th-anniversary celebrations, where all cast members needed to be available for specific storylines. This requirement meant that actors wanting to pursue other projects, like pantomimes, would have to miss out on the anniversary plans. Despite his exit, Brian’s character, Rocky, left an impact on viewers with his gambling addiction storyline that culminated in setting fire to Kathy’s cafe.

As EastEnders continues to evolve with new storylines and character developments, fans can expect more explosive twists and returns in the future. The show’s anniversary celebrations promise to bring high-stakes drama and memorable moments for audiences to enjoy. While Brian Conley may have left the soap, his legacy as Rocky Cotton will be remembered by fans and viewers alike for years to come.