EastEnders is about to bring some shocking twists for the characters in the upcoming episodes, with one Mitchell deciding to leave Walford. The week kicks off with Billy Mitchell organizing a party for his father Stevie at The Queen Vic. As the family gathers for the celebration, Billy tells his son Will that Stevie and his long-lost mother, Val, share the same birthday, but he doesn’t know where Val is.

At the cafe, Teddy confronts Stevie and tells him to stop lying. Phil overhears a secret conversation between them and asks his lawyer Ritchie to look into it. At The Vic, Billy gives a heartfelt speech about his father and mother, sending good wishes to his missing mother. But Phil arrives and shows Stevie some evidence that Ritchie found, which isn’t good.

Stevie confesses to Billy that his mother has passed away, leaving Billy shocked. Stevie then shares the tragic story of Val’s death with Billy and Teddy before making a big decision. This revelation shatters Billy, and he confides in Phil, who advises him to see the truth about Stevie. Will, Billy’s son, inadvertently reveals that Phil framed Stevie, leading to a confrontation between Billy and Phil.

Stevie apologizes to Billy and Teddy and plans to leave Walford. He asks for a favor from Big Mo, while Phil is furious when he realizes his car is missing. Stevie wants to say goodbye to his grandchildren, and Billy and Teddy organize a family dinner, including Phil. Despite tensions, Teddy tries to bring the family together, but a showdown occurs between the men.

On the other side of the Square, Reiss Colwell faces financial difficulties as he receives a hefty medical bill for his wife, Debbie. Reiss depleted Debbie’s savings to fund Sonia Fowler’s IVF treatment, leaving no money for Debbie’s care. When he receives a call about the overdue care fees, Reiss decides to rent out a room without Sonia’s knowledge, causing more tension between them.

Sonia reassures Reiss that they will find a solution, but Reiss takes on a job from Sharon Watts to chase unpaid invoices. He uses creative accounting to pocket some extra money, but lies to Sonia about having enough to cover Debbie’s care fees. Will Reiss’ lies catch up with him?

As the drama unfolds in EastEnders, viewers can expect more twists and turns for the characters involved. Stay tuned to see how the storylines develop and what surprises are in store for the residents of Walford.