Eamonn Holmes had to leave his GB News Breakfast show early on Tuesday because he wasn’t feeling well. During an interview with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Mental Health Maria Caulfield, Eamonn went missing halfway through, leaving his co-host Isabel Webster to continue the interview alone. It was later revealed that Eamonn had to leave due to health reasons and hoped to be back the next day.

This incident came after Eamonn had previously opened up about his health struggles at the TRIC Awards, where he mentioned feeling like he was on “borrowed time” due to his father’s early passing. He has been dealing with chronic back pain for a while now and has even had to use a wheelchair and walker at public events.

Eamonn’s health issues have put a strain on his relationship with his ex-wife Ruth Langsford, who reportedly feels guilty about not being able to help him more. Despite their split, Ruth has been supportive of Eamonn’s health journey and remains hopeful that he will see improvements.

Over the years, Eamonn has faced various health challenges, including a double-hip replacement, battling shingles, and most recently, dealing with three slipped discs that affected his mobility. His latest setback led to a fall down the stairs and a broken shoulder, adding to his ongoing struggles with chronic pain.

Despite these challenges, Eamonn remains resilient and determined to overcome his health issues. He has tried multiple treatments and therapies to alleviate his pain, but the road to recovery has been long and difficult. However, with the support of his family and friends, Eamonn continues to navigate his health journey with optimism and strength.

As Eamonn continues to prioritize his health and well-being, he hopes to inspire others facing similar struggles to stay positive and never give up. His openness about his health challenges serves as a reminder that everyone’s journey is unique, and seeking help and support is essential in overcoming obstacles.