Dua Lipa got caught in a heavy rainstorm while shopping for designer clothes in London last summer. The famous singer visited Bottega Veneta on Sloane Street, making a significant purchase with the help of her assistant. Despite the rain, Dua looked stylish in tiny denim shorts, a leather jacket, and knee-high leather boots, showing off her long legs. Her assistant carried the heavy bags as they navigated the downpour.

Despite the rain, Dua remained composed and smiling, making her way to a waiting vehicle. However, some users criticized her for not carrying her own bags, suggesting that a celebrity of her caliber should have items delivered to her. Dua is known for her glamorous red carpet looks and stage outfits, but she also turns heads in swimsuits, showcasing her toned physique in a black bikini with green piping while sunbathing.

For those looking to achieve a body like Dua’s, she shared a workout tip in a 2021 interview with Refinery29. She mentioned starting her day with a walk with her dog, Dexter, at 7:30 am, emphasizing the importance of getting her mind right for the day ahead during their morning walks. This routine helps her stay in shape and maintain her energy levels for her busy schedule.