During the recent CNN presidential debate, former President Donald Trump’s hair became the subject of mockery and ridicule. Screenshots from the debate circulated online, with some users comparing his hairstyle to a poorly rendered character from a video game. One user even went as far as to describe him as a “poorly rendered gmod model.”

This is not the first time that Trump’s hair has been a topic of conversation. A recent photo showing his hair blowing in the wind led to speculation about whether he has had hair transplants or hair plugs in the past. Some people jokingly commented that his hair plugs were working harder than his lawyers against the wind.

During the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in May, Trump’s hair appeared unkempt while he was saluting the flag. Actor and comedian Tom Arnold even claimed that Trump had undergone a scalp reduction procedure similar to his own, which involves removing a circle of bald scalp and sewing it up. Arnold suggested that this procedure may have contributed to Trump’s controversial behavior during his recovery.

Prior to the debate, Trump made comments suggesting that he might intentionally lose the debate to ensure that President Joe Biden remains on the Democratic ticket. He stated in an interview that polling indicated he performed better against other candidates, leading to concerns that the Democratic party might replace Biden if Trump were to outshine him in the debate.

Overall, Trump’s hair has once again become a topic of discussion and speculation, with people questioning the authenticity of his hairstyle and the potential impact it may have on his public image. The mockery and jokes surrounding his hair during the debate highlight the ongoing fascination with Trump’s appearance and the ways in which it intersects with his political persona.