Runway Bazzar Event in Petrópolis Sheds Light on the Excessive Clothing Production Worldwide

It is common for clothing brands, especially those that dictate seasonal trends, to host fashion shows to showcase their collections to the public. With each new launch, more and more clothes are produced and made available in the market. In Petrópolis, in the Serrana Region of Rio de Janeiro, two fashion entrepreneurs have decided to use this same concept to spark reflections on the fashion industry and the impact it has on the environment. The Runway Bazzar project will host a fashion show featuring clothes from thrift stores. The event will take place this Saturday (08) at the Casa de Petrópolis.

“The project is here to make people think. We live in a volatile world, overcrowded and with high pollution rates caused by the impacts of fast fashion industries. The delicacy of the fashion show will take us back to decades of dreams, utopia, and the certainty that there is no Planet B. We have no other choice but to take care of our present,” the event organizers, Thiago Mayworm and Wagner Loiola, explain.

Thiago and Wagner, the event organizers, have been involved in circular fashion since 2020 and have been implementing a business project for thrift store owners for a year now. The Errejota Collab brings together 20 thrift store brands in a physical store. The idea came about after realizing that the costs of running a store were high for a single investor. However, by sharing expenses and creating a collective, the project became viable.

“We used to participate in itinerant fairs, but we had this dream of investing in a store. However, the costs of rent, fees, and other expenses were high. The collective then emerged to bring a new shopping experience, with various brands and product possibilities in one place, and to split the bills. Everyone wins,” they say.

The fashion show will take place at Casa de Petrópolis – Instituto de Cultura, located on Avenida Ipiranga, in the Historic Center of Petrópolis. The historic mansion will host 11 local models during the Runway Bazzar event.

The selection of models for the event was also intended to provoke reflections in today’s society.

“We chose models of different genders, with diverse bodies, and from different ethnicities as a form of cultural reparation. Black individuals and LGBTQI+ people, for example, have never had a voice in these spaces. Including them in a fashion show inside a historic mansion is another way to question what fashion really is,” they emphasize.

The autumn/winter collection presented at the event will be divided into three acts: dusk, twilight, and nightfall. There will be 33 compositions with over 100 clothing pieces.

“We will use the shades we observe in the morning, afternoon, and night to tell our story. The neoclassical style will be the highlight of the runway, combining the classic architecture of Casa de Petrópolis with accessories, classic and modern clothing that already exist in the market. We want to show that the clothing of the future already exists and can be part of our daily lives, following the season’s trends and fulfilling its role when it comes to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. There is still a lot of prejudice against used clothing, and we want to show the potential of circular fashion,” they reinforce.