Demi Rose wowed her 19 million+ Instagram followers with her latest photoshoot in a stunning ocean cave. The British beauty posed topless with a strategically placed arm to protect her modesty. She flaunted her figure against dramatic rocks in Ibiza, Spain, showcasing her cleavage and 24-inch waist. Fans were left in awe, showering her with over 20,000 likes in just under 30 minutes.

In the photos, Demi can be seen posing with one arm across her bare chest, accentuating her curves and shapely legs. She exuded confidence as she rocked a red, beaded sarong and plenty of smokey eye makeup. In the second picture, she got cheeky, flashing some sideboob and her rear as her sarong slipped down slightly. Despite the risk of a wardrobe malfunction, Demi managed to maintain her composure and grace.

Not a stranger to posing in caves, Demi had previously shared a similar photoshoot just five days ago. This time, she wore a sheer skirt over a floral-print swimsuit, leaving little to the imagination. Embracing the mermaid vibes, she captioned the post with “POV: you’re on a mermaid date.” Since relocating to Ibiza from the U.K. in July 2020, Demi has found happiness and peace in her new surroundings.

In a recent interview, Demi opened up about her struggles with mental health during lockdown in London. She revealed that the decision to move to Ibiza was one of the best choices she ever made, bringing her newfound joy and contentment. Her glittery dress snap on Instagram is just one of the many reminders of her happiness in her new home.

Demi Rose’s stunning photoshoots continue to captivate her audience, showcasing her beauty, confidence, and unique sense of style. Whether posing in a cave or by the ocean, she never fails to leave fans in awe of her captivating presence and alluring charm.