Dr. Michael Mosley, a renowned television doctor, will be honored with a dedicated day across BBC radio and TV. The initiative, called Just One Thing Day, aims to encourage presenters and audiences to do one thing to improve their wellbeing in honor of Dr. Mosley.

Dr. Mosley, who passed away last month on the Greek island of Symi, was known for his popular BBC Radio 4 podcast where he shared tips to enhance people’s health. The BBC plans to promote his ethos of promoting healthy habits through simple routines or swaps to improve overall health and wellbeing.

BBC Radio 4 will kick off the day with the Today program featuring individuals who have transformed their lives with Dr. Mosley’s advice. Host Anita Rani will discuss the impact of the TV doctor on her life, focusing on the benefits of exercise. Additionally, the Food Programme will cover topics such as eating oily fish and the advantages of turmeric, while the Front Row show will explore how music can bring calm.

Other BBC radio stations, including Radio 2, 6 Music, and Radio 1, will also participate in honoring Dr. Mosley. TV programs like Morning Live and The One Show, where Dr. Mosley was a regular contributor, will celebrate his legacy as well.

Mohit Bakaya, director of speech and controller of BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra, highlighted the profound impact of Dr. Mosley’s broadcasting on people’s lives, leading to the decision to dedicate a day to his memory.

Dr. Mosley was known for popularizing the 5:2 diet, a form of intermittent fasting, through his book “The Fast Diet.” His work has had a significant influence on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and improving overall wellbeing.

The tribute day serves as a reminder of Dr. Mosley’s contributions to the field of health and wellness, inspiring individuals to make positive changes in their lives. It is a fitting way to honor his legacy and continue spreading his message of promoting a healthy lifestyle for all.