DEAD SON ALLENO. The driver behind the death of Antoine Alléno in a terrible road accident was released in December 2022, pending trial.

[Updated February 24, 2023 at 6:22 p.m.] On May 8, 2022, multi-starred chef Yannick Alléno lost his son Antoine following a terrible road accident in Paris. The alleged driver who killed his son was released on December 15 and placed under judicial supervision. Named Francky D., 24, the drunk driver at the time of the events, is suspected of having fatally struck Antoine Alléno, avenue Bosquet in Paris at a red light, while he was in a stolen car and that the young chef was on his scooter.

Since the tragedy, Yannick Alléno, his other son Thomas, and Isabelle, Antoine’s mother, have created the Antoine Alléno Association, to help young victims of violent accidents in life and their families. Following this latest information, the Antoine Alléno association expressed “his deep emotion”. “The association regrets that French law does not allow the author of the facts to be kept in pretrial detention until the trial”, she announced in a press release, before continuing that she “is mobilizing to change the law so that such tragedies do not happen again, and that the families of the victims are better supported”.

The road accident of Yannick Alléno’s son occurred around 11:20 p.m. on the night of Sunday May 8 to Monday May 9, 2022 at the corner of Place de la Résistance and Avenue Bosquet in the 7th arrondissement. from Paris, near the Pont de l’Alma, where Lady Di died 25 years ago. An Audi RS6, driving at full speed, hit a VTC car then Antoine Alléno’s self-service electric scooter, stopped at a red light. The driver of the Audi, a 25-year-old man, allegedly stole the luxury car from the Coya restaurant parking lot by providing the valet with a fake ticket. Yannick Alléno’s son died instantly, while his passenger and the driver of the VTC were taken to hospital, without their vital prognosis being engaged. The passenger suffered from bruises and was taken care of in a state of shock while Antoine Alléno succumbed to his injuries despite first aid and cardiac massage provided by the emergency services on site…

The driver of the car, who fled on foot, was arrested by a police officer from the local security department of the Paris conurbation (DSPAP), who was off duty during the incident. After being placed in police custody and refusing a blood alcohol test, the defendant was then taken to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, but no injuries were found. “The suspect was wanted for a prison sentence to be served and for drunk driving,” said the Paris police.

The driver, a 25-year-old young man named Francky D., was a building contractor, a native of Bezons in the Val d’Oise. In a state of drunkenness, he had just stolen a luxury car, an Audi RS6, from a restaurant parking lot, by providing a false ticket to the valet. Filed J, he was wanted by the police to serve a prison sentence of 3 months. According to RMC, “he is an individual also known for several vehicle thefts, an organized gang theft and a fraud case”. According to a police source reported by Le Parisien, the suspect was “so drunk that he is unable to remember precisely the conditions under which he caused this tragedy”. Still according to the same source, the suspect would not be “not a size of banditry. It is rather a petty criminal without scale”.

The driver was already known to the police for several offenses, including traffic offenses but also a case of violence. He was remanded to the Fleury-Mérogis remand center for homicide and involuntary injury. The Paris prosecutor’s office also brought to execution two other sentences of 6 and 3 months’ imprisonment previously entered in his criminal record. The investigation is continuing and will culminate in a trial next year.

Antoine Alléno, a 24-year-old cook in the footsteps of his father, died on Sunday May 8, 2022 following a tragic road accident. A driver, drunk at the wheel of a stolen luxury car, hit him fatally while he was stopped at a red light in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, aboard a scooter, accompanied by a young woman. The latter, who came out with a few minor injuries, turned out to be her best friend and second in the kitchen.

Antoine Alléno followed in the footsteps of his multi-starred father by being himself a cook. Moreover, father and son were already working together. Antoine took on the role of chef at the restaurant he ran with his father, Burger Père et Fils by Alléno. The restaurant offers gourmet burgers in the heart of the famous wine cellar L’Allénothèque, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. In 2021, Antoine Alléno had created a new burger at the winner of Top Chef last year, Mohamed Cheikh. “Antoine belonged to this new generation of cooks, determined to revolutionize the French gastronomic landscape”, announced his relatives in a press release.