Belgian singer Lou Deprijck, known for being the originator of the song ” ça plan pour moi “, has died at the age of 77, local media announced.

Belgian singer and composer Lou Deprijck, who claimed authorship of the hit Ça plane pour moi, sung by Plastic Bertrand, died at the age of 77, his partner announced to AFP this Tuesday, September 19. “My sun… my darling… my man, my everything… I accompanied you until your last breath as you wanted…. You will be my only and last love…. I LOVE YOU!”, writes Vanessa Vanderkimpen in a message posted on Facebook at midday.

Known for the hit It Planes for Me, released in 1977, Lou Deprijck had been suffering from health problems for several months and had been hospitalized in Brussels, report the Belgian media, including La Derniere Heure. Born on January 11, 1946 in Lessines, Belgium, Lou Deprijck wore many hats: singer, composer or producer. But it was the hit It Planes for Me that made him known, particularly because of the legal battle it caused.

At the time, this song was officially performed by Plastic Bertrand. But as soon as it was released, rumors spread about the real singer of the song, who would in fact be… Lou Deprijck. The case will become judicial and the Brussels Court of Appeal initially ruled in favor of Plastic Bertrand in 2006, a decision which will however be contested by a new procedure in 2010, which will formalize the fact that Lou Deprijck is the real singer of the title .

Since the success of  ça plane pour moi, the artist has remained relatively discreet, notably participating in a charity single with other Belgian artists. Lou Deprijck, who lived between Belgium and Thailand, where he ran a chip shop, more recently got involved in politics by running in the 2012 municipal elections in Lessines, his hometown.