Gillian McKeith’s daughter, Afton, recently shared a funny spoof video on her Instagram account, joking about her dating preferences as a “nepo baby.” In the video, Afton humorously listed her dating red flags, including not dating guys without a chauffeur or trust fund, and not splitting the bill. She also mentioned other red flags like tattoos of ex-girlfriends’ names, not knowing how to play tennis, or not picking her up in a chauffeured car for a date.

Although Afton is currently single, she previously dated Brooklyn Beckham in her teenage years. Despite their past relationship, Afton stated that she does not keep up with Brooklyn’s life, including his recent marriage to Nicola Peltz. She mentioned bumping into him in Los Angeles but expressed her good wishes for his marriage.

Afton’s relationship with Brooklyn reportedly ended quickly, but she had developed feelings for him. Despite the awkwardness of their encounter, Afton stated that she is better off without him and is focused on her own life. She has spent time in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, pursuing acting and modeling opportunities, and has recently moved back to London to be closer to her mother, Gillian McKeith.

Afton’s experiences reflect the challenges and complexities of dating as a young adult, navigating relationships, and focusing on personal growth and career aspirations. Her humorous take on dating preferences and red flags provides a lighthearted perspective on the realities of modern dating and the importance of staying true to oneself in relationships.