‘Darby And Joan’ Season 2: New Adventures in the Australian Outback

EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Brown and Greta Scacchi are set to return for another season of thrilling adventures in the Australian outback as ‘Darby and Joan’ gets renewed for a second season by Acorn TV.

The popular series follows former cop Jack Darby, played by Bryan Brown, and English nurse Joan Kirkhope, portrayed by Greta Scacchi, as they navigate through intriguing mysteries in the Australian outback. Season 2 will see the duo on a quest to uncover the truth about Jack’s mysterious past, leading them on a race against time filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Created by Glenys Rowe and Phillip Gwynne, ‘Darby and Joan’ is a compelling crime-solving drama produced by CJZ Production. The series has garnered international acclaim and has been sold to various global territories including the UK, Japan, Hungary, and Australia.

“We always believed Darby and Joan would become a favourite crime-solving couple, and we are thrilled that Acorn TV has supported the series from the beginning,” said CJZ CEO Matt Campbell. The show’s success in multiple countries is a testament to its engaging storyline, charming characters, and picturesque Australian setting.

As fans eagerly await the premiere of Season 2, the team behind ‘Darby and Joan’ is grateful for the overwhelming support and looks forward to delivering more captivating episodes to viewers worldwide.

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