Dani Dyer is a well-known TV star, podcaster, and actress who was born in Newham, London on August 8, 1996. She is the daughter of the famous EastEnders actor Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas. Before gaining fame, Dani worked as a barmaid at The Owl pub in Loughton, Essex.

Her rise to stardom began with her appearance on ITV’s reality show, Survival of the Fittest, where she had to leave due to injury. However, this setback led to her inclusion in Love Island the same year, where she won the show alongside her boyfriend at the time, Jack Fincham. Dani’s popularity soared, leading to appearances on various TV shows, including climbing Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief and featuring in EastEnders with her father, Danny Dyer.

In 2021, Dani starred in a documentary-style show called “Absolutely Dyer: Danny & Dani do Italy” with her father. She has also appeared in shows like “Dani Dyer: Is This Anxiety?” and “Celebrity Masterchef.” Dani’s success in the entertainment industry has been accompanied by her relationship with England and West Ham footballer Jarrod Bowen, with whom she shares twin girls, Summer and Star.

Despite a previous relationship with Sammy Kimmence, which resulted in a child in 2021, Dani found happiness with Jarrod Bowen. The couple’s bond was evident when Jarrod helped their son Santiago do an ultrasound to check on his sisters’ development during Dani’s pregnancy. Dani shared her joy on social media, expressing excitement about their journey as a family of five.

In addition to her TV appearances, Dani has ventured into the world of film, starring in movies like “Heckle” and “031.” Her success has extended to social media, where she keeps fans updated on her life through Instagram and Twitter.

As a prominent Wag (Wives and Girlfriends) of an England footballer, Dani Dyer joins the ranks of other well-known partners like Katie Goodland (Harry Kane’s wife) and Laura Celia Valk (Jude Bellingham’s girlfriend). With her background in the entertainment industry and strong social media presence, Dani brings a unique flair to the group of England Wags supporting their partners at Euro 2024.