Simon Cowell, known for discovering talents like One Direction, is on a mission to find the next big boyband. However, his plans seem to have hit a roadblock as auditions in Newcastle have been quietly axed, reducing the number of audition days from nine to seven.

The auditions were set to kick off tomorrow in Newcastle as part of a “nationwide hunt” for the new boyband. Simon Cowell’s search for fresh talent was set to be documented in a Netflix series called The Midas Touch. The music mogul expressed his uncertainty about the outcome of the auditions, acknowledging the high risk involved in such ventures.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the auditions, Simon Cowell’s team revealed that the Newcastle dates were not officially canceled but postponed due to their travel schedule. This unexpected change in plans has raised concerns about the future of the boyband search.

To attract more aspiring musicians to the auditions, Simon Cowell’s team has taken an unconventional approach by enlisting TikTok and Instagram stars to promote the opportunity. This move indicates the importance of social media influence in reaching a wider audience and generating interest in the auditions.

Simon Cowell’s decision to explore new avenues in the search for the next big boyband reflects his commitment to discovering fresh talent and creating successful music acts. Despite the setbacks in the audition schedule, the music industry eagerly anticipates the outcome of this ambitious project.

In recent years, Simon Cowell has been instrumental in launching the careers of various artists, including James Arthur and Cheryl Cole. His keen eye for talent and his ability to spot potential stars have earned him a reputation as a music industry icon. As the auditions for the new boyband continue, fans and music enthusiasts eagerly await the emergence of the next big sensation in the music world.