Courtney Stodden recently shared a series of photos on Instagram that showcased her wearing lingerie in the rain, embracing the unique habit. The former teen bride and reality star looked stunning as she flaunted her curves in plunging undies, paired with a glass of champagne and a carefree attitude. Despite disabling comments and likes on the post, Courtney’s fans were thrilled to see her looking confident and beautiful.

In the photos, Courtney can be seen posing against a wall, balancing a glass on her head, and showing off her toned abs in a cream bra. Her makeup-free look and long brown hair added to the natural and effortless vibe of the photoshoot. She continued to exude confidence as she posed on a clear perspex chair, displaying her shapely legs and waistline in a black pair of underpants. Courtney playfully shared in the caption that wearing lingerie in the rain and sipping champagne is a cozy and enjoyable habit for her.

Despite facing challenges and criticism in the past, Courtney has emerged as an empowering figure, especially after documenting her journey of ending her teen marriage. The star, who married a much older man at the age of 16, has been open about the struggles she faced and continues to face in the public eye. While some fans have sexualized her image, Courtney remains authentic and vulnerable in her posts, showcasing her true self to the world.

Recently engaged to Jared Safier, Courtney seems to have found happiness and stability in her personal life. Sharing a sweet moment with her fiancĂ© during a hike, Courtney looked radiant and in love. The couple’s bond and shared experiences reflect a sense of joy and companionship that Courtney deserves after going through challenging times in the past.

Overall, Courtney Stodden’s latest photoshoot not only highlights her stunning beauty and confidence but also symbolizes her resilience and growth as a person. By embracing her unique habits and staying true to herself, Courtney continues to inspire her fans and followers with her authenticity and strength.