Coronation Street actress Cait Fitton went to great lengths to keep her return to the show a secret. She shared that she had to hide in car boots and lie low on taxi floors to avoid being spotted by fans while filming her comeback scenes. Cait returned as Lauren Bolton, whose disappearance had been a major storyline on the show.

Fans were concerned about Lauren’s safety after she vanished from the show in March. Despite Roy Cropper being cleared of murder accusations related to her disappearance, he spent time in jail and struggled with the aftermath, leading to a heart attack and coma. Viewers finally learned that Lauren was the mysterious figure at Roy’s bedside, a revelation that Cait is thrilled is now public knowledge after months of secrecy.

Cait revealed that she knew early on that she was coming back to the show, which she considers fortunate in the unpredictable entertainment industry. She altered her Instagram bio to mislead fans about her character’s fate, adding to the suspense. Cait also shared that she worked with the Maggie Oliver Foundation to support abuse survivors and found the experience inspiring.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will uncover the mystery of Lauren’s absence and the events that led to her departure. Cait’s portrayal of Lauren in a coercive control storyline has resonated with fans, and she hopes to use her platform on Coronation Street to encourage others to speak up about similar experiences of abuse.

Cait’s dedication to her role and the impact it has had on viewers highlights the importance of raising awareness about sensitive issues like coercive control. By sharing the stories of abuse survivors and portraying them authentically on screen, Cait hopes to make a difference in the lives of those who may be experiencing similar situations. Her commitment to bringing these important issues to light demonstrates the power of storytelling in creating meaningful change in society.