This Morning fans had quite the chuckle on Tuesday when they noticed a little slip-up during Josie Gibson’s live report from Germany before the Euro 2024 semi-final match between England and the Netherlands. Josie was chatting with football fans in Dortmund about selling their tickets for the game, but no one was willing to give them up. Viewers were distracted by the name of a pub in the background that looked similar to a certain British swear word, and they quickly took to social media to point it out.

Despite the humorous blunder, Josie continued to talk to fans about their predictions for the upcoming match. Many fans were optimistic about the game and hoping for an English victory. However, the rowdy atmosphere in Dortmund seemed a bit too much for some viewers, with chants of “England, England, England!” in the background. Some viewers expressed their frustration with the constant football coverage on TV, calling for a change of pace.

In other news, Josie Gibson is set to take on a new role hosting Magic Radio’s barbecue Playlist segment on Saturdays. After her final show on July 6, McFly’s Harry Judd will take over the slot. Despite the funny mishap on This Morning, Josie continues to charm audiences with her bubbly personality and infectious energy.

It’s always entertaining when live TV has unexpected moments like this, keeping viewers on their toes and adding a bit of excitement to the day. Josie handled the situation with grace and humor, showing why she’s a beloved TV personality. As fans eagerly await the Euro 2024 semi-final match, they can also look forward to seeing Josie in her new role on Magic Radio. Cheers to more fun and laughter on live TV!