Anna Sorokin: From Impostor to Socialite

Anna Sorokin, a Russian impostor who moved to the United States in 2013 and adopted the identity of Anna Delvey to live as a German heiress, was spotted at a hearing in New York on Thursday (6).

Sorokin has been on house arrest since 2021, when she was released for good behavior. In 2019, she was arrested and convicted of hundreds of scams, including grand larceny and fraud. Her story inspired the Netflix miniseries “Inventing Anna.”

During the hearing, Sorokin wore an electronic ankle monitor with her initials in crystals and a dress by designer Shao Yang. Before being exposed, Sorokin posed as a billionaire, stayed in luxury hotels, and mingled with New York’s elite.

Today, the Russian is prohibited from using social media. She even posted bail of $10,000 after selling some artwork she had acquired.

Sorokin has become somewhat of a celebrity for her exploits and for flaunting the socialite life, including wearing designer clothes, even after being apprehended.

She still lives in a penthouse in the East Village, in the Manhattan neighborhood, and maintains friendships with some celebrities like Julia Fox, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, and screenwriter Whitney Cummings, with whom she launched the podcast The Anna Delvey Show in 2023.