The highly anticipated return of Outlander for the seventh season’s second half is set to happen later this year. However, some fans have raised significant questions about the show’s portrayal of time travel rules. Claire Fraser, played by Caitriona Balfe, is known as one of TV’s most famous time travelers in the hit series based on Diana Gabaldon’s captivating historical fantasy saga.

Fans have been following Claire’s journey through history alongside Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan, since the series began in 2014. As viewers eagerly await the upcoming episodes, some have been left puzzled by the fantastical concept of time travel in the show.

One fan took to Reddit to express confusion about why Claire never seems to pack anything for her trips through the stones at Craigh na Dun, especially considering her repeated travels. They suggested that Claire should have been more prepared with survival gear and weapons, given her knowledge and skills.

While the TV series may have omitted some crucial details about time travel, the original novels by Diana Gabaldon delve deeper into the complexities of traveling across timelines. Readers point out that excessive time travel can have severe consequences, including death. Claire herself acknowledges in the books that too many trips back and forth could be fatal.

Some fans have expressed disappointment in the show’s portrayal of the physical toll of time travel, noting that it appears less taxing than described in the novels. Despite these discrepancies, viewers are encouraged to explore the original source material to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the story.

As Outlander gears up for its season 7 return, fans can expect more adventures and drama as the story unfolds. The show’s adaptation of the time travel elements may leave some fans scratching their heads, but the upcoming episodes are sure to keep audiences captivated.

In conclusion, while some inconsistencies may arise in the TV adaptation of Outlander’s time travel concept, the series continues to attract a dedicated fan base eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Claire and Jamie’s journey through history. As the show’s seventh season approaches, viewers can look forward to more surprises and revelations in this beloved historical fantasy saga.