Cirque Du Soleil Crystal Show: First-Ever Ice Performance in Brazil

The renowned Cirque du Soleil is back in Brazil to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a groundbreaking show. “Crystal,” which has been seen by over two million people worldwide, combines circus art with the precise technique of ice skating.

The tour of ‘Crystal’ began in 2017 and brings together 97 people from 25 nationalities. The show has already traveled to 21 countries and will debut this month in Brazil, with performances in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo until early October. The spectacle is accompanied by a soundtrack that includes versions created by the Cirque team for songs by artists such as Beyoncé, U-2, and Nina Simone.

A member of the company’s management that brought Cirque du Soleil to Brazil spoke about the importance of having such shows in the country. “When we look at Cirque du Soleil, historically, with each show you attend, you can see an evolution connected to the final consumer experience. The ice brings incredible innovation to the show. It requires greater difficulty, more focus, determination, and a much more focused on an incredible experience,” says Luiz Arruda, commercial and marketing vice president of Porto.

“Crystal” follows the journey of a heroine who ventures onto a frozen lake and falls into the ice. From there, she is taken to a fantastic world. A universe that comes to life with the help of 28 projectors that transform the ice into magical settings. Trackers placed on the costumes control 36 spotlights that follow the artists’ performance.

Don’t miss the incredible experience of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Crystal’ show in Brazil, where the ice meets the magic of circus artistry.