Christina Applegate recently took to social media to express her distaste for certain aspects of the popular reality show Love Island. The actress, known for her roles in Dead to Me and Married With Children, shared her thoughts on the show’s production and contestants.

In a series of tweets, Applegate criticized the contestants for making strange sounds with their water bottles, such as holding the straw in their mouths and chewing it rather than sipping. She also called out the girls with long nails for making “clicky clackety sounds,” which she found off-putting.

Additionally, Applegate addressed what she referred to as the “gross” appearance of white deodorant on the contestants’ armpits, particularly in the heat. She advised them to use clear deodorant instead to avoid the unappealing white residue that can accumulate in the folds of the skin.

Fans of the actress chimed in on social media, agreeing with her sentiments and sharing their own experiences with white deodorant. Some even joked about the unsightly appearance of the product, with one user mentioning a connection to yeast infections.

Despite the backlash from fans, Love Island contestants have yet to respond to Applegate’s complaints. The actress is known for speaking her mind on various topics, including her recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, which she has been open about on social media.

As the latest season of Love Island USA continues to unfold, hosted by Adriana Madix, fans are eager to see if Applegate will be able to overlook these minor annoyances and enjoy the drama that the show has to offer. In the meantime, followers can stay updated on celebrity news, TV, fashion, and more for the latest updates on their favorite stars.