Chrissy Teigen and her family recently had a thrilling ziplining experience at the Punta Mita luxury resort in Mexico. The model shared videos and photos on Instagram, showcasing their adventure down a greenery-covered hill.

In the post, Chrissy mentioned that her kids were excited to zipline on a longer course than the one at Sky Zone. She also joked about not wearing the most appropriate attire for ziplining by advising others not to wear denim daisy dukes. She humorously added that she would be “icing the hooha” that night.

The slideshow post included a video of Chrissy ziplining with her daughter Luna Simone, as well as a photo of the family standing on the hillside with John Legend, Luna, and Miles. Although their youngest children, Esti and Wren, were also on the trip, they did not participate in the ziplining adventure.

In a previous event, John Legend’s daughter Luna made a surprise appearance on the red carpet at The Voice Season 25 finale. Luna asked her dad why he believed Team Legend would win, showcasing her adorable and inquisitive nature. Despite enjoying the experience of interviewing her dad, Luna humorously declined a full-time job at ET.

The ziplining experience provided Chrissy Teigen and her family with a fun and memorable outing in Mexico. The photos and videos shared on social media captured the excitement and joy of the adventure, showcasing the loving bond between Chrissy, John Legend, and their children. The family’s sense of humor and playful interactions added a charming touch to the ziplining experience, making it a special memory for them to cherish.