Cheryl Tweedy and Nadine Coyle shared an emotional moment at Girls Aloud’s final reunion show, putting an end to their feud. The pair hugged it out on stage while also comforting a crying Kimberley Walsh. The group paid a heartfelt tribute to Sarah Harding during their performance at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, which was attended by a 2000-strong crowd.

The reunion show was a hit, with hits like Love Machine, Sound of the Underground, The Promise, and Biology being performed. Celebrities like Rita Ora, Taika Waititi, Ashley Roberts, Rylan Clark, and Graham Norton were seen in the audience, enjoying the exclusive gig for O2 and Virgin Media broadband customers who had won tickets.

Following the success of the tour, Girls Aloud are now planning a new documentary with ITV. The cameras captured backstage scenes and private moments as the band remembered Sarah. There are discussions about how ITV will present the final piece, with options ranging from a glossy set piece to a comprehensive documentary.

The girls have grown more confident after their long break from performing and are considering a future appearance at the Glastonbury festival. The tragic passing of Sarah Harding in 2021 brought the group back together, with Kimberley emphasizing the importance of spending time together during tough times.

However, tensions within the group have been evident in the past, especially between Nadine and the other members. Nadine had expressed her desire to continue as a group, while Cheryl, Kimberley, and Nicola Roberts wanted a break. Cheryl refuted Nadine’s claims, stating that Nadine had actually wanted to pursue a solo career, leading to the band’s hiatus.

Despite their differences, the girls came together for the final tour to honor their legacy and remember Sarah. The emotional reunion show marked the end of an era for Girls Aloud, leaving fans with lasting memories of the iconic girl group.