Paris Hilton recently took to her Instagram to express her overwhelming joy and love for her adorable 7-month-old daughter, London. In a heartfelt caption accompanying a video of her and her daughter, Paris shared her deep feelings for her little one, stating that London is her world and that her life feels complete now that she is a mother.

The socialite has been open about her desire to have children, particularly a daughter. She revealed on her podcast, I am Paris, that she underwent IVF treatment in hopes of conceiving twins – a boy and a girl. Paris credited her friend, Kim Kardashian, for recommending IVF and introducing her to her fertility doctor. She expressed gratitude for having a supportive partner, Carter Reum, by her side throughout the process.

Paris and Carter tied the knot on November 11, 2021, a date that holds special significance for Paris. She explained that 11/11 is a meaningful number in her life, as evident by her media company named 11:11 Media and her daily ritual of making a wish at 11:11. The fact that her daughter was born on the same date as her wedding day adds an extra layer of magic to her family’s story.

Paris expressed her gratitude towards Carter, calling him the love of her life and emphasizing how lucky she feels to have him by her side. She described her family as beautiful and highlighted the joy and fulfillment she has found in motherhood.

The bond between Paris and her daughter shines through in the video she shared, capturing tender moments between the two. Paris’s words reflect the deep love and adoration she feels for her daughter, making it clear that London holds a special place in her heart.

This glimpse into Paris Hilton’s life as a mother showcases a different side of the socialite, one filled with love, happiness, and gratitude. It is evident that Paris has found immense joy in motherhood and cherishes every moment spent with her daughter. Her journey to motherhood, from her desire to have children to the birth of her daughter, London, is a beautiful story of love, hope, and dreams coming true.