The tension between Kim and Khloe escalates during their family trip to Aspen. Kim confronts Khloe about her schedule and living in the moment. Khloe defends herself, stating that she also values living in the moment and points out that Kim nitpicks her behavior. The argument leads to emotional moments and Khloe decides to facetime her daughter, despite Kim’s previous comments.

The family arrives at their log cabin in Aspen, where they are greeted by Corey Gamble. Kim admires the cabin’s decor, describing it as ‘Ralph Lauren on crack.’ The family settles in and enjoys dinner together, but the unresolved conflict between Kim and Khloe simmers beneath the surface.

The episode ends with a preview of next week’s episode, showing the family skiing in Aspen and Kourtney filming a promo at Target. Kris reveals that she had a scan where ‘they found something,’ leading to emotional moments for the family. The ongoing drama between Kim and Khloe continues, highlighting the complexities of their relationships and family dynamics.