Matt Willis recently celebrated his 16th wedding anniversary with his wife, Emma, by revealing a tattoo tribute to her on his calf. The Busted star shared a video of his new ink on Instagram, expressing his love for Emma after 16 years of marriage. While Matt was excited about his new tattoo, fans were not as enthusiastic. Some fans commented that the tattoo did not resemble Emma, questioning the choice of design.

This public display of affection through body art comes after a challenging period in Matt and Emma’s relationship. In 2008, their wedding almost didn’t happen due to Matt’s struggles with substance abuse. Matt, who had just left rehab three days before the wedding, opened up about his addiction issues in a BBC documentary. Despite the difficulties they faced, Matt and Emma managed to tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Rushton Hall, surrounded by family and friends.

Emma also shared her side of the story, revealing that she kept a diary documenting Matt’s substance abuse at the time. Looking back on those difficult days, Emma expressed her gratitude for sticking by Matt despite the challenges. Friends and family had advised her to leave, but Emma saw something worth holding onto in their relationship. Now, with three children and 16 years of marriage behind them, Matt and Emma are grateful for each other and the life they have built together.

The couple’s journey serves as a reminder that love can endure even in the face of adversity. Despite past struggles, Matt and Emma have found happiness and stability in their relationship. Their story is a testament to the power of love, forgiveness, and commitment. As they celebrate their 16th anniversary, Matt’s tattoo tribute is a symbol of their enduring bond and the obstacles they have overcome together.